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Dr Alexander Haskell

Dr Alexander Haskell

There is no physician in the United States who is more knowledgeable about the condition of Hashimoto’s than Dr. Haskell.  He is the core figure of our organization committed to advancing the quality of care for Hashimoto’s.

Dr. Haskell is a licensed Naturopathic Physician with 27 years of clinical experience and has dedicated the last 6 years to the understanding of Hashimoto’s.  Besides his practice he is devoted to ongoing medical research, multi-media lectures and the publishing of books on various subjects.

In comparison, other physicians propose alternative treatments for Hashimoto’s but all are vague, espousing misinformation and approaches that are difficult to integrate.  They impart hypothetical theories that obviously lack knowledge of basic thyroid biochemistry.  Fundamentally they lack common sense and many attribute the cause of Hashimoto’s to genetic predispositions.  Rubbish!

When you have viewed our entire series of videos you’ll then have a firm foundation and understanding of how to effectively approach the reduction of thyroid antibodies.

This series exemplifies our dedication to increase the publics’ awareness on the subject of effective treatments for Hashimoto’s.

To watch this series click the link above titled ‘Hashimotos Video Series.’