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Dr. Alexander Haskell, N.D.

Dr. Haskell is a licensed Naturopathic Physician with 27 years of clinical experience.  He completed his pre-med at San Francisco State University and graduated from the four year medical program at The National College of Natural Medicine.

Dr. Haskell’ specialty is the thyroid and endocrine system and has published two books, Low Thyroid Hormone Symptoms- 7 Causes & Seven Solutions and Hope for Hashimoto’s. Both books dedicate a special chapter to the prevention and treatment of breast disease and breast cancer.

Through applying medical research and his discoveries in his clinical practice, Dr. Haskell is able to help people with Hashimoto’s to reduce their thyroid inflammation and thus reduce their levels of thyroid antibodies.

“It is taking the medical profession far too long to come up to speed on the treatment of Hashimoto’s.  The condition of Hashimoto’s baffles most physicians but the fact of the matter is, if you put all the pieces of the puzzle of Hashimoto’s together, it becomes very clear about the origins of this condition and what a person needs to do to reduce thyroid inflammation and thyroid antibodies.  This isn’t just woo-woo or hocus pocus.  I am talking about medical research in journals from around the world.  The problem is that it just doesn’t get to the physician’s desk.”

“People are suffering needlessly because most doctors lack this knowledge and become stuck in a rut that applies only pharmaceuticals.  Don’t get me wrong.  Thyroid medication is often required in the first stage but it’s only partially effective.  Hashimoto’s is a perfect example of a condition that requires a more rounded, holistic approach.”

“My approach to treating Hashimoto’s passes through three phases with the first phase being the reduction of thyroid inflammation and the lowering of thyroid antibodies.  This is accomplished by lowering TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone), feeding the thyroid gland the nutrients it needs to improve its production of thyroid hormones, increasing levels of a specific antioxidant known as glutathione, and following specific nutritional guidelines.”

Dr. Haskell is an authority in his specialty and is dedicated to sharing his knowledge with the world.  The most effective way to spread the word is through word of mouth and through the Internet.

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