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Hashimotos Publication

This beautiful publication is written for people suffering from the poorly understood condition of Hashimotos.  Since our traditional medical approach continues to remain ineffective, the majority of people are left in its wake feeling frustrated and hopeless.

Over the last three years Dr. Haskell searched through 50 years of medical journals from around the world along with the most current medical texts, seeking answers to the causes of Hashimotos and effective means of lowering thyroid inflammation and thyroid antibodies.

“My research didn’t begin with searching for the cause and treatment of Hashimotos.  It began with trying to understand the causes of thyroid inflammation because I knew that this inflammation had to be there before the Hashimotos.  Then once I understood this, how thyroid inflammation develops, I knew that I had discovered the primary origin of Hashimotos.  Then everything opened up.”

“I had stacks of over 100 medical journals with articles on Hashimotos but at first I couldn’t see how they connected.  It was like having all these different branches of medicine saying different things.  But when I understood the origin of this thyroid inflammation then this research, like pieces of the puzzle, all fit together as a whole.”

“I love research and educating people, but it’s really exciting to see the practical application of your research.  I took what I had learned and applied it in the clinic, and it worked.”

Hope for Hashimoto’s clearly explains his findings and clinical insights and why Dr. Haskell has come to the conclusion that Hashimotos Thyroiditis is not a disease but a condition brought about by specific nutrient deficiencies.

In 228 pages with over 70 medical references, Dr. Haskell answers, in a very clear, simple and straight-forward manner, the following questions:

  • What are the Root Causes of Hashimotos?
  • What Roles do Iodide & Iodine Play in the Development of Hashimotos?
  • What Nine Critical Mistakes do People with Hashimotos Make?
  • Which Supplements has Research Proven to be Effective for Hashimotos?
  • When is a Thyroid Prescription Necessary?
  • Which Thyroid Prescription is Best when Treating Hashimotos?
  • Why must an Armour Thyroid Prescription Be Avoided?
  • What is the Role of TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) and Thyroid Inflammation?
  • Which Nutrients does the Thyroid Absolutely Requires to Make Its Hormones?
  • What’s the Connection Between Gluten & Hashimotos?
  • How Does the Ecology of the Gut Affect Hashimotos?
  • How Do We Optimize Thyroid Hormone Production & Utilization?
  • Which Thyroid Lab Tests are Absolutely Necessity for a Proper Thyroid Assessment?
  • What’s the Connection Between Breast Disease & Hashimotos?
  • What are the Three Phases of Treating Hashimotos?

These and many other questions are answered, encouraging a person with Hashimotos to take control of their health, and to become educated and empowered.

By the time the reader finishes this book they will know more about Hashimotos than their physician.  We say this because the majority of physicians are absolutely clueless about the origins of Hashimotos and how to effectively treat it.

If you have Hashimotos and are searching for answers as to why and what to do…

If you wonder why the only prescription your physician has offered you is for thyroid hormones when Hashimotos is an auto-immune condition…

If you sense that the time to take control of your health and your life is now…

If your common sense tells you that in order to restore your health that a more holistic, more practical approach is needed…

If you want to know the science and what medical research has shown to be effective ways to reduce thyroid inflammation and thyroid antibodies…

…then read Dr. Haskell’s book.

To purchase the softcover edition from our publisher, Create Space, for $29.95 click this link Hope For Hashimotos Softcover.

To purchase the downloadable ebook for $19.95 click this link Hope for Hashimotos ebook.

If at any time, for any reason, you find that this publication has not met your needs and has not provided you with the practical steps of improving your health then contact us and we will immediately refund your money.

Be sure to watch Dr. Haskell’s video series on Hashimotos.