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We offer a number of services for people with Hashimotos including physician consultations, lab testing, supplements and pharmacy.

We’ve put together two Hashimotos packets which can be downloaded and read at your leisure.  Simply click which packet you wish to download.

One is called the United States Packet for those residing in the U.S.

The other is the International Packet for those living outside the U.S.

Each packet was created in Word ’97 and should be easy to download.  If you have any difficulties please contact us at and we’ll forward the packet to you.

We’ve also converted both documents into pdf files which are pretty universal.

As you may know you cannot enter text into the questionnaire section in a pdf unless it is converted.  If you wish to convert your pdf these are the instructions.

Download either the United States Packet pdf or the International Packet pdf file.  Then download a free pdf converter at  Follow their instructions for conversion.  You’ll then be able to complete the questionnaire.

Thanks and please be sure to watch our Hashimotos video series.