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We offer a full line of supplements along with a variety of lab tests mentioned in Dr. Haskell’s book and videos on Hashimoto’s.

To enter our store simply click Our Amazon Webstore.  This is the most secure shopping cart site we could find for the online shopper.

If you want to purchase Dr. Haskell’s Hope for Hashimoto’s in softcover simply search Amazon using this title.

Some people prefer eBooks, especially those from outside the United States.  To order the Hope for Hashimoto’s ebook for $19.95 click through to One Shopping Cart for an immediate download.

Dr. Haskell’s other book is called Hope for Hypothyroidism and can also be found on Amazon by simply searching the title.

Some Notes on Lab Testing

If you are interested in ordering lab tests there are two types.  One is blood testing through LabCorp of America which has over 2,000 service centers across the United States.  If you order LabCorp testing through us, once it’s been paid for we immediately mail you your requisition along with instructions.  You then take this form into any LabCorp and the test will be completed.  Results are usually to us within one to two days which are then emailed to you.

Please remember that we cannot provide LabCorp requisitions for people living in the states of NY, RI or NJ.  This doesn’t mean that you cannot visit a LabCorp center in a neighboring state.

To locate the nearest Center to you visit their site by clicking here.  Then click the ‘Find a Lab’ link, enter your zip and the nearest will come up at the top of the list.

An interpretation of your results is not included in the price.  You can request an interpretation by contacting us at

Another type of lab testing is through the use of saliva.  We find that saliva testing of female and male hormones as well as cortisol is more accurate than blood.  We use a lab called Labrix located in Oregon.

If you purcahse a Labrix test through us we immediately ship the collection kit to your home.  Instructions regarding how to collect and collections times are easy to follow.  If you have questions please contact us at

The state of NY does not allow any saliva testing to be ordered by a physician practicing outside the state.

Thank you and be sure to watch our video series on Hashimotos.