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Hashimoto’s is a condition which is poorly understood by most physicians.  You may have even had a personal experience with your physician’s obvious lack of knowledge on this subject, offering little help besides a thyroid hormone prescription.  This approach is antiquated and simply inadequate.

Does it make any sense that a thyroid hormone is being prescribed for this autoimmune condition?

The first and most important question is, “How does Hashimoto’s develop?”  Unless your physician can answer this question, any therapy they advise is a shot in the dark and will likely fail.

The first step then is to become educated.

Once you understand the origins of Hashimoto’s and the large body of global medical research on this topic you will realize that Hashimoto’s is not a disease but a treatable condition.  Taking the proper steps you can then reduce thyroid inflammation and thus thyroid antibodies, optimize the function and hormone production of your thyroid, and improve your overall health.

Our dedication to your education is at the heart of a series of videos explaining in detail all the above.

Simply click the tab above headed ‘Hashimotos Video Series’ or begin by watching the Hashimotos video invitation.